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Think Cares About Animals? Think Again.


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For years I’ve been visiting the site to view pics of adorable animals. I mean, working in AR, I look at so much sadness each day, I need some snuggling puppies and mouse/cat friendships. But after what I saw today, I’ll never be going back there.

What made me so annoyed?

Well, they posted some pics of a baby dolphin at SeaWorld. (That’s not even the bad part.) Knowing what I know from the animal protection side, I looked through the comments to see if anyone else was sad to see a baby dolphin in captivity at a facility that offers so little space to marine animals.

I found one comment that said,

“I cried when I watched The Cove. And when I saw this little cutie in such a small and limited pool being raised for the entertainment of humans…”

Another girl agreed.

Then came a comment from Roketto saying,

“Okay, can we all agree to boycott comments like this? Please? Personally, I’m offended by having guilt shoved in my face by holier-than-thou environmentalists who are sometimes, but not always, hypocritical.”

Roketto goes on to say how SeaWorld is actually awesome and how the tricks the dolphins learn are “enrichment.”

That wasn’t so bad. It’s a discussion. What killed me was when the CuteOverload moderator said this in response,

“I’m sorry that a comment like that slipped through,” (referring to The Cove comment.) “Rather than simply delete it, I’ll add your comment to the thread and see how the discussion goes. I hope it doesn’t get too rowdy.”

That’s when I got frustrated.

It “slipped through?” Really? That implies that a comment from an animal activist would normally be deleted. They censor people from discussing animal issues on the site. Aren’t they supposed to care about animals? Don’t they think the animals that are so adorable, and that make them money, deserve to be treated well?

And if not, perhaps their animal loving readers should be free to express their opinions. I mean, if they are respectful and coming from a kind place like that original commenter, then what’s the issue?

Yeah. I won’t be going back to CuteOverload.

Oh, and also, my comment, polite and respectful, did not make it through moderation. In case they delete the post and comments, I took a screen shot. You can check it out in the pic. Click on it and you’ll have the option to expand it. The comments in question are at the very bottom.


5 thoughts on “Think Cares About Animals? Think Again.

  1. I posted this a while ago to their comments but…

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “i’m sorry that a comment like that slipped through. rather than
    simply delete it, i’ll add your comment to the thread and see how this
    discussion goes. i hope it doesn’t get too rowdy. – Sharpy”
    Now we’re talking! Way to censor, er I mean, allow for an option dialog. /sarcasm
    On the serious side of this issue, to use the phrase “slipped
    through” is incredibly disappointing. Someone has an opinion, expressed
    it with no malice or rudeness, and because someone is uncomfortable with
    it the consideration to delete it was on the table?
    If the OP was rude and was insulting and/or guilting people I could understand.
    I’ve submitted photos of my kittehs, both of which have been posted
    on CO, and now I’m considering telling everyone to boycott CO.
    I wonder if my comment will even get through…

  2. Thank you for this post. I have shared on Facebook. I used to recommend CO to my other animal-loving friends—in fact, I recommended it just last week to a friend who was having trouble dealing with the horrific scenes of animal torture in the film “Whale Warrior,” about Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson. I thought it was a place for people who cared about animals, even if not all of them had awoken to veganism yet. It’s no longer a site I recommend or visit. I don’t feel welcome.

  3. You know, they could just want to keep the site happy, without the heavier issues. I’m not saying it’s right, but I know a lot of people who use the site to avoid burnout and they don’t need a flame war over animal rights.

  4. Wowza! This is horrible! Thank you for sharing

  5. The owner(s) of is/are a piece of work. I used to visit it their site everyday, until they featured the picture of a kitten in a mixer (unplugged, but I think we can all reasonably agree that kittens do not belong in mixers). I sent them an email to let them know that I thought the picture was sad and just not cute. They wrote me back and called me an oversensitive moron. Cuteoverload can go to hell.

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